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At Performing Perfectly, we bridge the world of theatre and business. Our unique blend of programmes are meticulously designed to enhance communication, presentation, and peak performance skills. Grounded in interactive learning, we ensure each participant receives real-time feedback, encouraging a shift in perspectives and approach. 

Collaborating with a diverse team of psychologists, seasoned theatre and television actors, astute executive coaches, and visionary business leaders, we’ve crafted an immersive experience that draws from the breadth of performing arts. Our aim? To perfect communication and drive personal growth. 

Our rich legacy in theatre and the performing arts isn’t just a backdrop but the very essence of our training methodology. This ensures that the competencies imbibed during our sessions aren’t merely academic but are honed to drive consistent, high-calibre performance across industries – from business to sports and public services. 

Embrace Authenticity: True to Our Core.

Embrace Authenticity

We remain steadfast, always presenting our genuine self, because authenticity breeds trust and connection.

Commit to Honesty: Transparency in Every Action.

We believe that clear and truthful communication is the foundation of enduring partnerships, ensuring our intentions are always in the open.

Champion Equality: Every Voice Matters

We stand for a world where every individual is given an equal opportunity to shine, ensuring a diverse tapestry of perspectives that enriches our collective journey.

Equality and Learning

We champion inclusivity, diversity, and continuous learning, fostering personal and professional growth for everyone we engage with.

Our Leadership Team

Performing Perfectly’s dynamic management team is a powerhouse of talent and expertise. Chris Key, an accomplished theatre director, brings international acclaim to our programs. Lucy Key, a versatile artist, excels in performance and directing. Georgie Partridge, our Executive and Performance Coach, is a certified expert in coaching and mental health. Together, they lead us to perfection.

Chris Key

Georgie Partridge

Giving Back

Performing Perfectly is deeply committed to fostering equality and diversity while actively contributing to local communities. Our engagement extends to nurturing young minds in underprivileged schools, offering them avenues for artistic expression and personal growth. We have proudly partnered with the Children in Care Foundation in the West Midlands, serving as regional arts coordinators. Through this collaboration, we provide an array of arts workshops and enriching experiences, aiming to inspire and empower the next generation through the power of the arts. 

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