Performing Perfectly provide unique opportunities to learn and develop essential skills for successful communication, presentation and peak performance. Our programmes are interactive, offering real time feedback to encourage individuals to do things differently.

We team up with psychologists, fellow theatre and television actors, executive coaches and business leaders to nurture performance and provide unique opportunities to learn and develop essential skills for successful communication, presentation and peak performance.

We focus on perfecting communication skills, whether that is with an audience, colleagues, customers or clients. Using our background in theatre and the performing arts industry, we develop individuals and organisations to achieve success with consistent and continuously high levels of performance.

The skills, knowledge and behaviours that participants leave our programmes with are transferrable to all walks of life, business, sport and public services.

The practical nature of our effective communication training focuses on:

How to influence

How to have impact and presence

How to perform under pressure

Developing confidence

Self-limiting beliefs


Body Language




Prepare, Polish, Perform!

I attended a workshop at St. George’s Park led by Chris Key. He inspired and motivated people to stretch their comfort zones. We all found the experience very enjoyable due to Chris’s infectious enthusiasm and coaching talent. He showed the group that there are many similarities between a West End musical production and the requirements needed for individual players and coaches to excel in delivering high levels of individual and team performance in football. An absolute master class. Thank you.
Aidy Boothroyd
England FA Under 21 Manager
I had a really good time working with Chris and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. He’s smart, funny, unassuming and wise and very easy to get along with. He doesn’t sing as well as me, of course, but that’s not his fault and he certainly makes the best of what little he has. In all seriousness, he’s a class act.
Matt Lucas
Untitled design (37)
I have worked with Chris and Lucy for many years. They are simply superb at what they do and the benefits to any business or organisation are outstanding. I cannot recommend Performing Perfectly highly enough.
Jonjo O’Neill
The Royal Shakespeare Company
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Without doubt your presence again really added value and levels of professionalism to our event, which I know everyone has enjoyed throughout and demonstrated through the engagement shown last night.
The Football Association St George’s Park
I would recommend it to all other companies who want to try something different to build the team and take people away from the comfort zone.
England Athletics

“Chris and Lucy Key from Performing Perfectly are going to take you for a session this morning” we were told. I Google Chris Key and then I panic! West End Director? I’m not sure what I could get out of this session. I was part of a keynote speaking course and Chris and Lucy were coming in to talk to us and give a masterclass about performance. Now I’m always naturally wary and sceptical of learning things at my ripe old age, close to a half century, as I think I know about most things, it’s just the way I am (please don’t judge me, it comes with age). I suppose I could be taken out of my comfort zone but, all the same, what would I learn?

Clearly Chris and Lucy have great reputations in the theatre world, a world, if I’m honest, I’m not too familiar with. In the following couple of hours, I was blown away by the beautiful way Chris and Lucy stripped back everything on how to present and perform. I actually felt stupid after the session because it was so easy to understand what they were telling me. Things like the importance of standing in a particular way, posture, sitting in a certain way and how to give an impression of authority. Simple things we take for granted but things which make us better at what we do. Why hadn’t I thought of this stuff before?!

But they both impacted on me in an enormous way. Light and shade, pauses, how and when to project my voice, shortening speech, use of tone and emphasising words in a particular way. Everything made sense and Chris and Lucy have such a likeable and fun way of teaching it. I’d been broadcasting for several years before I met Chris and Lucy but learned so much from them. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. The biggest thing for me was the lovely simplicity in the way they both get their points across and how easy it was to understand. Chris and Lucy are geniuses at what they do. Thanks to them both for opening my eyes.”

Chris Sutton, former professional footballer and current BBC Radio 5 Live presenter and pundit

Just wanted to say to you all how brilliant I found the two days – probably the best course I have ever attended in the NHS. You guys are amazing at what you do, I so enjoyed the way you engaged us, encouraged us through out and managed to form us into a team in such a short space of time . I will definitely move forward with ‘fresh eyes’ and a new perspective on how to approach management and get the best out of my team. The time spent with you guys has been invaluable – thank you so much!
Lead Diabetes Specialist Midwife
NHS delegate
Our partners Performing Perfectly are dynamic, flexible and proactive. They constantly tweak the programme based on real life feedback so that I can confidently say that this programme meets the needs of not only individuals but of the service. This programme raises the confidence and capability of our leaders by equipping them with simple tools that enable them to be more effective in real life situations. I cannot thank the team at Performing Perfectly enough.
Sue Harris
Director of Leadership, West Mids Leadership Academy
I have given top marks as really there was no reason not to. This course was a lot better than I expected. Having been to work for around 30 years it was refreshing not to see a repeat of material I had already seen. I think the performance elements were encouraged in a way that seemed unthreatening to get the best out of us. Thanks – I now need to put it into practice.
Transformation Lead
NHS Delegate
This course was like no other course I have gone on…The whole course was very useful. The opportunity to either practice or see the concepts introduced in action was helpful. I enjoyed the ability to build relationships with other candidates on the course and this course probably represented the most diverse backgrounds in the NHS I have experienced in a training environment. I think this helped us all to understand more about the challenges faced by all staff in the NHS.
NHS Delegate
I would recommend it to all other companies who want to try something different to build the team and take people away from the comfort zone.
England Athletics
The most interesting and fun course I’ve been on for a long time! Varied teaching methods, lots of practical application and supportive, constructive feedback from knowledgeable, motivational tutors. A great cohort to work with – disappointed to be back in work on Mondays!! Recommending the course to lots of colleagues. I thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you all!!
Health Education England
This was a really engaging course that kept us all on our toes. Good blend of activities to get us talking and thinking. Possibly the only course I’ve ever been on where I came away with no paper or formal learning, but with important behavioural and cognitive changes instead. I think those will stay with me longer than anything I might have got from paper.
Health Education England
Not knowing what to expect, it was with trepidation I went into Chris Key’s workshop. It was fabulous - watching how he led the group, and not one of us in the workshop left without a huge inspired smile on our face.
Sports and Recreation Alliance Leadership Convention
I’m using it daily already - in staff meetings, briefings, one to one meetings, and thinking about how I could do things differently. I have a number of public speaking events this year and I’ll be putting all my learning into practice - including the one to one training I got from Lucy that was really helpful. I’m happy to get on with public speaking, but now I think I’m actually looking forward to it!
Health Education England
I applied to do the course when I was having a particularly difficult time at work but over time I had been self-managing the situation and, although I was feeling vulnerable on the first day of the course, my confidence had improved in the time between applying and accessing the course. However, it has encouraged me to think about approaching things differently in order to get the best out of meetings. Today I attended a Team Building event and volunteered to facilitate a session to identify team objectives; I had the confidence to steer the conversation in a way that I might not have done prior to Performing Perfectly.
Commissioning Support Manager
It was so inspiring to work with you. Taking this approach to learning has made me willing to take on new things and unafraid to embrace opportunities to be ‘in the spotlight’. I have not enjoyed or benefitted from a course so much in a very long time, and would love to do it all again.
HR Business Partner