Unlocking children’s potential through creative expression.

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Unlocking potential, building confidence, one stage at a time

Performing Perfectly empowers young children through the magic of creative performance. We partner with schools like ACS International to develop engaging programs that nurture essential life skills in a safe and supportive environment. Through drama, storytelling, and musical expression, we help children overcome challenges, discover their hidden talents, and blossom into confident, well-rounded individuals. 

Our Solutions

With hands-on learning and expert guidance, our workshops are designed for school children to ignite their passions and unlock their creative potential. Children can discover their unique voice, develop essential skills, and find artistic expression in a supportive and inspiring environment. 

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Dive into a kaleidoscope of creativity with our diverse workshops! Unleash your voice with West End star Lucy Key in Choral Singing, or step into the spotlight with Musical Theatre workshops, learning original staging from shows like West Side Story and Annie.

Master the Craft

Hone your skills with industry experts. Chris and Lucy Key guide you through acting on stage and screen, while Noah Key unlocks the secrets of music production. Jonjo O’Neil, RSC member, makes Shakespeare accessible, and Les Misérables sound designers share their technical wizardry.

Explore Creative

Horizons: Expand your artistic palette! Sculpt, collage, write poetry, or design stunning interiors with guidance from renowned professionals. Simon Wells, Cinderella and BGT designer, unveils the magic of set and costume design, while TV production veteran Tim Key takes you behind the scenes.

Unlock Hidden Talents

Learn from the best! Get personalised drumming lessons with professional musician Noah Key, master DJing beats with Oliver Jackson, or compose music under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Alfonso Casado Trigo.

Unleash Your Imagination

Whether you're a budding writer, knitting enthusiast, or fashionista, we have something for you. Red Planet Productions head scriptwriter James Hall shares his expertise, Nathan Taylor (Guys Knit author) teaches knitting basics, and Helen Keane reveals the secrets of stage and screen hair and makeup.

Benefits for Children

  • Increased Confidence: Stepping onto the stage and mastering new skills strengthens self-belief and empowers children to embrace challenges both on and off the stage. 
  • Enhanced Communication: Public speaking, improvisation, and storytelling activities refine communication skills, allowing children to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. 
  • Boosted Creativity: Our programs spark imagination and encourage problem-solving through innovative activities, nurturing a love for creative expression in all its forms. 
  • Resilience and Perseverance: The commitment and dedication required for theatrical productions instil valuable life lessons in perseverance, goal-setting, and overcoming obstacles. 

Challenges We Help Children Overcome

Shyness and Anxiety

Our playful drama exercises and collaborative activities break down barriers and encourage self-expression. Children learn to find their voice, face their fears, and connect with others confidently.

Academic Struggles

Creative performance enhances critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, boosting overall academic performance and fostering a love for learning.

Social Anxieties

Teamwork and collaborative projects build empathy, understanding, and strong social skills. Children learn to cooperate, respect diverse perspectives, and build valuable friendships.

Why Choose Performing Perfectly?

From theatrical magic to genuine connections, we nurture every child’s potential through tailored programs and playful learning. 

Theatre Expertise

Our theatre background enriches our business with creativity and professionalism, derived from major productions like "Les Miserables", "The Wizard of Oz" and "School of Rock".

Authenticity at Our Core

We prioritise authenticity in all aspects, as it fosters trust and connection. We believe genuine interactions are foundational for strong, lasting business relationships.

Diversity and Equality

We champion inclusivity, diversity, and continuous learning, fostering personal growth for all the children we engage with.

Tailored Programs

We design programs that align with school curriculums and cater to individual needs, ensuring each child receives the best possible learning experience.

Engaging Activities

Our playful and dynamic activities keep children engaged, motivated, and excited to discover their full potential.

Transformative Results

Witnessing children blossom in confidence, overcome challenges, and embrace their creativity is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Partnering with ACS International Schools

Our shared commitment to nurturing confident, well-rounded individuals makes our partnership with ACS International Schools a perfect fit. Together, we create a unique learning experience where children can explore their talents, develop essential life skills, and shine brightly on and off the stage. 

Ready to unlock your child’s potential? Contact Performing Perfectly today and let the curtain rise on a world of confidence, creativity, and joy! 

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