Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

What is Coaching? How can it help you?

Coaching sessions empower individuals and groups to achieve goals, navigate life changes, and find ways to thrive instead of survive.

One to one or group sessions are available and will enable you to:

Set goals, create an action plan and develop realistic timelines.

Learn simple techniques to use in day-to-day life as well as specific situations.

Gain clarity on your emotional state in order to improve your overall wellbeing.

Examples of general topics covered in coaching sessions:

Confidence Building

Reframing self-limiting beliefs and regaining control of your inner voice


Exploring triggers and learning quick tools/techniques to feel comfortable socially and at work or school

Health & Wellbeing

Discussing ways in which we can help ourselves and gain autonomy over our lives

Stress reduction

Learning breathing techniques and “rehearsing” stressful situations in a safe environment


Discussing past experiences and learning from them to create a personalised resilience strategy

All coaching sessions are led by the client and are strictly confidential*

*If a client is in danger or has committed a crime, it is my ethical duty to report to authorities. I will also refer to medical teams where appropriate/needed.

Sessions are primarily future focused and techniques used are called upon from coaching, counselling and neuro-linguistic programming.

Specific skills training available in one to one or group workshops include:

Use of language and body language to create the best first impression

Interview techniques and training, including mock interviews and feedback

How to accept and manage feelings of rejection

How to handle difficult conversations

CV writing and career coaching

Learning about different personalities and how to build rapport whilst remaining authentic to ourselves

Support to improve specific knowledge/skills and how best to network


“From the very start Georgie made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Georgie listened and gave me a variety of techniques to try to see what would work best. Georgie is able to adapt to every situation and really understands what I'm going through. She is able to provide a relaxed environment full of trust and support. I feel like whatever issue I may have she is able to adapt the session and that really makes me feel that these sessions are personal and productive.”
6th Form Student
“I have always struggled with my confidence which has really held me back in all aspects of my life. Thankfully a friend suggested Georgie and I’m so grateful that she did. Georgie was so friendly and reassuring and instantly made me feel at ease during our 1:1 session. She taught me practical and visualisation techniques, which really helped!! I was somewhat sceptical at first, believing that I was one of the few that couldn’t be helped but I was wrong. I feel so much more confident now in situations I would have previously avoided. Two sessions later and I’m in the process of starting up my own business- the old me would be amazed!”
6th Form Student
“Georgie has already helped me to feel more positive about change rather than fearing it, I’m so glad I chose to take part in coaching.”
Trainee Solicitor
“I feel that my confidence levels have definitely improved because of the coaching. Not only that, but I have already been using the breathing techniques and visualization to help in my current job and with my anxieties about becoming a partner. You were so welcoming, kind and a pleasure to learn from!”
GP Partner
“Georgie provided methods for improving my confidence level in the workplace which included anchoring, visualisation and breathing techniques. Georgie also listens intently to the concerns I express enabling her to tailor responses accordingly. Improvements have been noted already in sleep patterns, and when managing the team.”
NHS Senior Manager
“I am very grateful for your help and have recommended you to many of my peers! Thank you.”
6th Form Student