ACS International Schools and Performing Perfectly Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Arts Education

Children and arts education

London, UK – ACS International Schools and Performing Perfectly are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enriching the arts education for students across ACS International Schools’ campuses and affiliated schools. This collaboration will leverage the expertise of industry professionals and renowned speakers and offer performance skills to students in areas with limited resources.

The partnership will enhance arts education at ACS International Schools’ campuses and partner schools by introducing students to industry experts and renowned speakers, supporting the ‘Arts Pathway’ initiative. Throughout the academic year, Performing Perfectly will work closely with ACS International Schools to facilitate monthly interactions with professionals from the arts industry. These engagements will include a variety of activities from across the arts spectrum, from singing, dancing and acting to poetry sessions, set design workshops, creative writing classes and puppetry tutorials to name a few. All tailored to enrich students’ educational experiences.

With a focus on significant events like the biannual Night of the Musicals ( and the annual STEAM event (, the partnership aims to offer comprehensive developmental opportunities for students. These include not only performance skills but also future workplace abilities like confidence, courage, articulation, and teamwork.

Tim Cagney, CEO of ACS International Schools, commented on the partnership: “This partnership with Performing Perfectly is a powerful step towards enriching our arts education and supporting our Arts Pathway initiative. By bringing industry experts into our classrooms, we are not only enhancing the artistic skills of our students but also equipping them with critical future workplace abilities like teamwork, articulation, and confidence. These experiences are crucial, particularly for students in areas with limited resources, ensuring every child has the opportunity to excel in and beyond the classroom.”

Chris and Lucy Key, Directors of Performing Perfectly, said: “We are delighted to join forces with ACS International Schools to ignite a passion for the arts among students across their network. This partnership allows us to extend our reach and impact, bringing hands-on experiences in performing arts to a broader audience. Whether your interests are on stage, off stage, behind the scenes, visual arts or digital arts for example, we are not only fostering creativity but also building essential life skills in young learners, preparing them for a diverse and dynamic world.”

The partnership, which began at the start of the current academic year, builds on the successful collaboration of previous events such as the Night of Musicals. It is expected to continue enriching the educational experiences of students throughout the year.

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For further inquiries, please contact:
Graeme Lawrie
Partnerships Director, ACS International Schools

About ACS International Schools:
Founded in 1967 to serve the needs of global and local families, ACS International Schools educate over 3,300 students, aged 2 to 18, day and boarding, from more than 100 countries. Our schools in Greater London are all non-sectarian and co-educational.

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About Performing Perfectly:
Performing Perfectly is dedicated to empowering children through creative performance. Partnering with schools, they deliver engaging programs that nurture essential life skills within a supportive environment.


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