Bringing our World of Theatre to Your Business

Our Story

At Performing Perfectly we bring our world of theatre to your business. Our unique blend of programmes are meticulously designed to enhance communication, presentation, and peak performance skills. Grounded in interactive learning, we ensure each participant receives real-time feedback, encouraging a shift in perspectives and approach.

Effective Communication

Bringing our world of theatre to your business, we provide unique opportunities to learn and develop essential skills for successful communication, presentation and peak performance.

Coaching and Mentoring

Unlock your potential with our coaching services: confidence & resilience, pattern breaking, mindset, change management, and stress management. personalised, proven, results-driven.

Events and Production

Drawing from a rich theatre background, our expertise ensures flawless execution. Elevate your business events with creative concepts, emotional engagement, and professional precision


We empower young children through the magic of creative performance. We partner with schools like ACS International to develop programs that nurture essential life skills in a safe and supportive environment.
I had a really good time working with Chris and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. He’s smart, funny, unassuming and wise and very easy to get along with. He doesn’t sing as well as me, of course, but that’s not his fault and he certainly makes the best of what little he has. In all seriousness, he’s a class act.
Matt Lucas
I attended a workshop led by Chris Key from Performing Perfectly. He inspired, motivated and stretched people beyond their comfort zones. The experience was very enjoyable due to Chris is infectious enthusiasm and coaching talent. He showed our group the similarities between a West End musical production and the needs of individual players and coaches to excel in delivering high levels of individual and team performance in football. An absolute master class.
Aidy Boothroyd
England FA Under 21 Manager
I have worked with Chris and Lucy for many years. They are simply superb at what they do and the benefits to any business or organisation are outstanding. I cannot recommend Performing Perfectly highly enough.
Jonjo O’Neill
Actor and Associate Artist with the Royal Shakespeare Company

Why Us?

Theatre Expertise

Our theatre background enriches our business with creativity and professionalism derived from major productions like "Les Miserables", "The Wizard of Oz" and "School of Rock".

Authenticity at Our Core

We prioritise authenticity in all aspects, as it fosters trust and connection. We believe genuine interactions are foundational for strong, lasting business relationships.

Transparent Communication

Our commitment to honesty and transparency is unwavering. We understand that clear communication is vital for building enduring partnerships and ensuring our intentions align with our actions.

Equality and Learning

We champion inclusivity, diversity, and continuous learning, fostering personal and professional growth for everyone we engage with.

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